Project Linus

On Christmas Eve an article in Parade Magazine by Eddie Adams, Pulitzer Prize winner appeared.  “Joy to the World” was about a little girl who got through chemo treatments with the security of her blanket.

A woman in Denver, Karen Lochs, was so moved by the article that she started making blankets for the Denver Rocky Mt. Children’s Cancer Center.  Word spread and others joined Karen and thus Project Linus was formed.  Karen used the name Linus from the cartoon character that always had his blanket.  The main thought was to give security and comfort to sick children.

The shootings at Columbine High School brought world wide attention when Linus supplied blankets to students who survived.  After that the national headquarters was formed as well as chapters throughout the U.S.

Linus wants hand made blankets because the love is felt and it gives security, comfort and warmth to the child.  We make blankets for the newborn through teenager.  A perfect stranger letting that child know that someone out there cares and he is not alone.

Please direct questions to Bob Vincent at 504-0090.