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Project Linus

On Christmas Eve an article in Parade Magazine by Eddie Adams, Pulitzer Prize winner appeared.  “Joy to the World” was about a little girl who got through chemo treatments with the security of her blanket.

A woman in Denver, Karen Lochs, was so moved by the article that she started making blankets for the Denver Rocky Mt. Children’s Cancer Center.  Word spread and others joined Karen and thus Project Linus was formed.  Karen used the name Linus from the cartoon character that always had his blanket.  The main thought was to give security and comfort to sick children.

The shootings at Columbine High School brought world wide attention when Linus supplied blankets to students who survived.  After that the national headquarters was formed as well as chapters throughout the U.S.

Linus wants hand made blankets because the love is felt and it gives security, comfort and warmth to the child.  We make blankets for the newborn through teenager.  A perfect stranger letting that child know that someone out there cares and he is not alone.

Please direct questions to Bob Vincent at 504-0090.

Anniversary Activities

150 LogoSt. Aloysius celebrated it’s 150th Anniversary year from June 21, 2015 through June 19, 2016.  There were a variety of activities throughout the year ending with a mass celebrated by Archbishop Dennis Schnurr and a parish banquet at Receptions.  Our parish has a lot to celebrate and a special thank you to all the organizers and volunteers who made this a very special year.


Help Our School ESAP Matching Gifts At 150%

We’re very happy to announce that our friends at ESAP, the Hubert family, are continuing their “Fostering Philanthropy” program.  In fact, they have enhanced it by adding to their matching program.  In addition to the $3,000 they donate every year, they will match any of your tuition-assistance donations made before December 31, 2016, at 150%, up to a maximum of $15,000.  In other words, if our parish can raise $10,000 in tuition assistance funds before the deadline, the Hubert Foundation will contribute $15,000 as their “match” plus $3,000 for a total of $28,000!  Checks can be written to St. Aloysius designated as”tuition assistance”.  It is truly a gift when generosity is compounded by generosity – and the students are the grateful beneficiaries!
Blessings on all those who continue to support our school and the value of Catholic education.

Calling All Angels

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you do something for others, expecting nothing in return? Psychologists call this “physic income”. I think God may call it “deeds of love”. Here at St. Al’s, we have a small number of parishioners, who need your help! Could you possibly clear someone’s driveway of snow or cut their grass occasionally? Perhaps someone may need a way to the doctors or dentist office and have no one to turn to. If you can help out, you qualify to be an ANGEL. We are trying to start an ANGELS ON CALL ministry here at St. Al’s. If you can volunteer your time for an occasional “good deed”, please contact Shirley Schulten at 574-0782 or Jan Helmes at 300-6137. If there is no ans., please leave a message! Once we have a list of volunteer “angels” to call upon, we’ll be set to go. Please give us a call! God Bless! P.S. Teachers and Scout Leaders may want to consider this for Marian Award projects , Confirmation work etc.