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Memorial Bricks on Sale!

Dedication full shotAs part of our 150th Anniversary Celebration, a new prayer garden devoted to the Blessed Mother was created behind the Oldenberg Annex. Memorial brick pavers are for sale with engraved dedications and are installed on a periodic basis. Each brick is $50.00 (includes engraving and installation). Please click below to print an order form. Forms can be mailed to the Rectory Office or labeled and dropped in the collection basket (ATTN: JR Griffith). This is a beautiful and lasting way to pay tribute to loved ones and families and to honor the memory of those loved ones who have gone before us. read more

Eucharistic Adoration

Monstrance 2015Saturdays (2-3pm)

Just what is it and what should it mean for me? If you are middle-aged or younger, you most likely have not experienced it. The body of Christ-a consecrated Host-is placed in a small receptacle (called a Luna) and brought from the tabernacle to the altar and placed on display in a golden stand (Monstrance).  A quiet time thus begins. He is right there and we are able to talk to Him and think about Him. He sees us and is certainly aware of our love for Him. This special time, away from the busyness of life and alone with our thoughts, makes us more aware of Jesus’ love and His expectations of us. Certain prayers need not be said. If you feel inclined to read Scripture or pray the rosary, do so. Some prefer  just to be in God’s presence.  How long should you visit? There is no set time. Maybe just stop in church and say “hello” to the Lord.  ADORATION will take place here on Saturdays from 2pm to 3pm, except on Holy Saturday. read more

Project Linus

On Christmas Eve an article in Parade Magazine by Eddie Adams, Pulitzer Prize winner appeared.  “Joy to the World” was about a little girl who got through chemo treatments with the security of her blanket.

A woman in Denver, Karen Lochs, was so moved by the article that she started making blankets for the Denver Rocky Mt. Children’s Cancer Center.  Word spread and others joined Karen and thus Project Linus was formed.  Karen used the name Linus from the cartoon character that always had his blanket.  The main thought was to give security and comfort to sick children. read more

Men Gather

Currently, men from both St. Al’s and St. Jude’s are meeting twice a month to study the Bible.  We meet the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 6:30am in St. Jude’s Undercroft.  More information is found hereCrossing the Goal